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One of the favorite programs of R7 is our wakesurf rental program. The reason R7 rents wakesurf boards is so you can find what offers the right fit for you and your boat. There are a lot of brands on the market now and so it is easier to find the right board by trying it out instead of someone telling you which is best. It is important that you find the right board for you and your wave.

R7 is the only known store in the greater Salt Lake City area that rents wakesurf boards and is one of our most popular features. You can rent before you buy it! The brands we carry for rentals are:

 Brigade | Slingshot | Doomswell | Waterloo | Exile | Motorboat

Each Rental Package Includes:

  • Wakesurf board
  • Carrying bag
  • Life jacket (PFD)

High-Performance Board Rental Costs

  • $29.00 per day


Slingshot CobraCat

Brigade Bravo

Doomswell Nubstep Bamboo

Waterloo Screw Loose Skim

Motorboat Surf Syndicate El Gusano Wakesurf Board


Standard Board Rental Cost

  • $20.00 per day


Rent a Hard Fiberglass board like this one.

Call R7 Watersports at 801.810.6167 to rent yours today!

Additional items to rent: extra life jackets, suction cup roof rack & Pelican cooler

$100 fully refundable deposit per unit

One day rental is considered from morning to evening and can be brought back the next day by 10:30 AM without additional charges.

How to Care for your Wakesurf Board

Wake Surf Board Rentals in Greater Salt Lake City and Midvale
It is important to care your wakesurf board especially when renting. These are high performance boards. Unlike the compression molded models that many are familiar which are known to be very fragile.

  • Make sure to always keep it in the bag while transporting to and from the boat and when its not in use just put it in one of the boat compartments.
  • Be very careful if you put it on a rack. Many racks can cause damage. If it cracks from the rack and water gets inside it will de-laminate. This cause will damage beyond repair.
  • The sun is also very damaging. If you leave your board in the heat or a hot car it can also damage it easily.

R7 needs your continuing support of this program and needs your help to keep the products in good shape so that another person can use it and enjoy it too.