Wakeboard Rentals

For over two decades wakeboarding has been around, but technology has really changed since those of you who bought your first wakeboard even just 10 years ago. Between new materials, sizing, designs and boots, R7 is excited to be able to carry some of the latest in technology and design. The greatest part of our rental program is the fact that you can “Try it Before you Buy it.” Most people don’t know how a wake board is going to perform until they try it out themselves. So if you are looking for a new wakeboard that is different than your friend’s boards come take a look at what we carry. Slingshot and Humanoid brands are both made in the U.S.A. so you know you will be supporting this country’s economy.

  • Humanoid Huxtable

    Continuous Rocker board with a leaner profile and recessed base channels to make it super versatile. Size 138 & 142

  • Slingshot Response

    Classic user friendly flex board designed for riders who want an all around ride while being able to  progress without outgrowing the board.

  • Slingshot Pill

    A high performance 3 stage rocker with rigid flex and lots of traction for aggressive riding styles. This board is for advanced riders and is also made for competition riders in mind.  Size 138 & 142


Each rental requires a $100 fully refundable security deposit and you must be 18 or older to rent and sign a waiver.