R7 Watersports carries a large assortment of snowboards available online or in our Shop. R7 has some great snowboards for all riding styles and terrain types. Whether you are a more aggressive, cautious or casual snowboarder, R7 has great brands and snowboards for the all your needs. Serving all of greater Salt Lake City, located in Midvale, Utah.

The Type of Snowboard You Buy Should Fit the Riding Style

Powder Fanatics:

If you are a Powder Fanatic, you reserve your snowboarding energies for powder days. Lucky you for you there seems to be a lot of powder in Utah. You seek out powder wherever possible and don’t even bother going to the mountain when there is no powder (or you have a specific board just for powder days). Last winter the powder days were frequent and epic especially when getting a ride on a snowmobile straight to the powder. R7 carries snowboards designed for powder. Shop online of come on in.


You are at home surfing the powder or carving the groomers. But mostly, the backcountry is your country and chutes, speed, bowls and trees are your friends. You struggle to fathom the need for a board to be able to go in both directions – there’s only one way down the mountain! The mountain is your only playground, you don’t need the park to have a good time. Freeride boards are great in the powder but also for bombing harder snow. R7 has a variety of Free-Rider Snowboards. Shop online of come on in.

All Mountaineering:

You want a bit of everything. You want one board to be able to take you over the whole mountain, groomed trails, back country, uneven terrain, chutes, the park, you name it. All mountain boards are handy to have especially if you can’t afford to have multiple boards in your quiver. Going downhill is your life and your main squeeze, but riding the park occasionally is no big deal for an all mountain board. R7 has several All Mountaineering snowboards in stock! Shop online of come on in.

Freestyle Mountaineers:

A freestyle boards means you like the mountain just as much as you like the park. Check out a freestyle if you love jumps, jibs and rails, but still occasionally like the feeling of floating between the trees on the mountain. Sometimes you use the mountain like a park by jumping off of rocks, trees and whatever else you can find along the way. R7 has many Freestyle Mountaineering snowboards in house of available online.


Freestyle riders like to turn the whole mountain into a park looking for jumps, boxes, rails and tricks. You are comfortable riding in both directions and can be a fairly aggressive rider. Freestyle boards are still pretty amazing for the park, but still work amazing for the mountain. You don’t want a noodle (you want to ride the pipe too! and the occasional trail to rest up for your next park session) but the most important thing is that your board can handle the park and the rest of the mountain is just a nice scenic backdrop to help you enjoy the views on the lift ride! If you are looking for a Freestylers snowboard, R7 has you covered.

Park Only:

The park is your favorite spot to be, but you like any snow covered hill with some toys like a rail, walls, boxes or anything you can find. The park crew are usually creative, daring, fun and more often than not get hurt. But injuries are only rest periods to get you back in the park or on the rails. Park boards are usually super soft so you can bend it across the rails and jib the next object in front of you. Park Snowboards are available online or in a Draper, Utah location.