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Snowboard Bindings

Although snowboard bindings may look similar, there are differences that create a better performance and enhanced riding. Binding technology is advanced and can make a huge difference in the way you control and feel your snowboard. R7 carries men’s and women’s bindings from Rome, Nitro and M3. Here at R7 we’ll help you get into the right pair that fits your board, boot and budget. Located in Midvale, Utah and serving the greater Salt Lake City area.


Choosing the best Snowboard Bindings

Pay attention to straps, ratchets, heelcups, highbacks, baseplates and toe ramps as well as materials. Plastic ratchets and materials verses metal ratchets may react to your riding style different. There are also a variety of ways straps can wrap around your boots and your toes. Some toe straps sit in front of your toe and some sit on top of your toe. Those differences are mostly personal preferences and those come from personal experience.