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Are you looking to rent a SUP? R7 Watersports is your go-to source for an inflatable or fiberglass paddle board to rent in Salt Lake City. Conveniently located off of I-215 and State Street, making for a quick transition to be on your way to the lake. If this is your first time, they are easy to ride and offer a great way to get some exercise while you enjoy some of Utah’s surrounding lakes such as: Jordanelle Reservoir, Pineview Reservoir, Echo Reservoir and Rockport Reservoir.

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Brands We Rent: Jimmy Stykes | Slingshot | Glide

Rent an inflatable paddle board like this one.

Included with the Inflatable Rental package?

  • Inflatable model
  • Paddle
  • Fins
  • Air Pump
  • Life jacket
  • Carrying bag

Rental Daily Charge

  • $28.00 per day
  • $24.00 for 3 days or more

Rent a Hard Fiberglass board like this one.

Included with the Fiberglass (Hard) Rental package?

  • Fiberglass model
  • Paddle
  • Fins
  • Life jacket

Rental Daily Charge

  • $35.00 per day
  • $30.00 for 3 days or more

Call R7 Watersports at 801.810.6167 to rent yours today!

Additional items to rent: extra life jackets, suction cup roof rack & Pelican cooler

$100 fully refundable deposit per SUP

One day rental is considered from morning to evening and can be brought back the next day by 10:30 AM without additional charges.


What are the differences between Inflatable and Fiberglass (Hard).


  • Not as responsive
  • More comfortable on feet
  • Fits in any type of vehicle trunk
  • Easy and convenient way to have fun
  • Roll into a bag with backpack straps

Fiberglass (Hard):

  • Not as easily portable
  • Durable and built to last
  • Requires a large vehicle or rack to transport
  • Higher performance (speed, maneuverability)
  • Ready to ride at any time with no pumping required


Helpful Instructions & Tips For Setting Up Your Inflatable SUP

  1. Pump your inflatable SUP to 10 – 15 PSI (will not depress when you step on it)
  2. Install fin pointing towards the back (some may come with square metal piece need for installation)
  3. Grab your paddle
  4. Carefully get on top
  5. Attach ankle leash

Call 801.810.6167 with any questions or if you encounter problems.


Top Tips from the Pros: Candice Appleby – credit: SUP Magazine

Video Transcript:

Hi. I’m Candace Appleby from San Clemente, California. I’m a professional ocean athlete and four-time VOP champion. I also coached the performance paddling competition team with some of the best young paddlers in the country and I’m here today to talk to you about some training tips that will help take your paddling to the next level. So my first tip is move your feet make sure you’re comfortable moving around on your board because anything can happen when you’re out on a race going around a buoy. So make sure you’re not glued to the board because you want to be able to move around and chaos occurs practice cross stepping learn how to shuffle you can even practice on the sidewalk. My second tip for you is practice bracing. The bracing stroke is something that we often do unconsciously. You need to practice it consciously and it’s as simple as splashing the water. It helps you when you’re going around big turns and you’re about to fall. When going in and out of the surf, it helps get you get out of situations that you might otherwise be in the water. So make sure you practice bracing and do it consciously. Tip number three is practice your starts. Starts of races are often where the biggest mistakes are made so make sure you have a lot of practice. There are various types of starts. There is a Beach start where you’re running shoreline starts and water starts. Make sure to always assess the situation and check out the shoreline before you’re about to start and give it lots of practice. When I’m training, I like to warm up by doing a few beach starts a few shoreline starts and a few water starts and there are a lot of fun. We want to thank Candice for sharing her three tips the only way to get better is to work hard and go practice these tips so now let’s get on the water and go have some fun.