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Are you looking to rent a paddle board? Inflatable Paddle Boards are one of our most popular rental items! They are one of the most easy and convenient ways to paddle board. There is no need to strap down a paddle board on top of your car, these inflatable SUP’s just roll into a bag with backpack straps and you can just put it into the trunk of your car. You can take them on an airplane with you or go hiking to your favorite body of water.

One of the other reasons why stand up paddle boards are so popular is because of their durability and toughness. You don’t need to worry about the damage from bumping into rocks or dropping it on the ground. These are made with a high density pvc so you don’t have to worry about damaging your board like you can on a fiberglass model. Whether going down the river or paddle boarding on a rocky lake the paddle board will withstand through treacherous conditions. Call 801.810.6167 today to inquire about our Inflatable Paddle Board Rentals.


Brands We Rent: Slingshot | Jobe | Scott Burke | Glide

Quest Paddle Board in Man's hand

  • Rental Cost: $28 per day, $24 for 3 days or more
  • Includes board, pump, paddle, bag, fins and life jacket
  • Additional rentals: extra life jackets, suction cup roof rack & Pelican cooler
  • $100 fully refundable deposit per paddle board

One day rental is considered from morning to evening and can be brought back the next day by 10:30 AM without additional charges. 

Helpful Instructions & Tips For Setting Up Your Inflatable Paddle Board

Jobe Inflatable SUP on Shore
When you are pumping your board you will need more air than you think. It is very important to fill your board to the recommended PSI. Most manufacturers recommend a maximum of 15 PSI while others may be 18-20 PSI. When your board is properly filled, it will not depress when you step on it and feels just about as hard as a “hard” board.

Once it is pumped up it is important to install the fin. Some fin setup’s may be different than others. Some require a square metal piece to be inserted in the fin box and some don’t. Once the metal piece is inside, insert the fin and make sure the fin points to the bottom of the board. Next you just need to align the hole in the fin and the metal piece and screw it together with screw provided. Other boards do not have the square metal piece, but just screw directly in or a clip in.

With the fin installed you are ready to go. Grab your paddle, size it for your height and when you are on the board you can put on ankle leash. Remember to be safe on the water and always wear your PFD. Always watch the weather conditions carefully to ensure your safety on the water. Call 801.810.6167 with any questions or encounter problems.