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R7 was created from a passion for water sports and snowboarding and just plain love for the outdoors. If that is something you crave then R7 is the right place for you. We specialize in winter sports, watersports and more! Check it out online and come see the our store located in Midvale, Utah (greater Salt Lake City area). Check out the new brands and gear in the shop. Now is the time to prep for the upcoming and hopefully epic season. Last year’s products are now discounted and the 2018 product are on their way and soon will be on display.

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Wake surf accessories

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Wakesurf boards

Brigade Surf Couch

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R7 specializes in wake surf board sales and demo. You can demo a wake surf board and apply your rental cost towards purchase. There is no other program that is offered like this around Salt Lake City. R7 offers this program mainly due to the several variables like the kind of boat or the kind of wave your boat makes that come into play when buying a wake surf board. We found out a demo program is the best way to find the best wake surf board for you.


Wake Boards

Even though wake surfing is the trendy watersport to do right now, wake boarding is still a classic, fun and yet a quite challenging water sport. R7 doesn't sell the typical wake board you have ridden in the past. New construction, materials and design have changed in the last few years making wake boarding still just as much fun, if not more than it used to be. R7 carries Slingshot and Humanoid Wake boards; both brands made in the U.S.A. These brands use a process called sandwich construction when making their boards which is unique from the traditional compression molded wake boards. By doing this sidewalls are created and a flex pattern is built into the board. You can read a more detailed description on Humanoid's website.

Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing water sports around the country. This sport is more mainstream than ever due to the popularity of rental's as well as the high amount of retailers selling these boards. With the enormous variety of brands, boards and application this sport is still growing. R7 rents Inflatable and Fiberglass Paddle boards as well as selling them. Come rent one for your next boating of camping trip and see what all the rage is all about.


Popular Water Sport Locations in Utah

One of the questions that gets asked a lot is what popular lakes or bodies of water are recommended. The body of water also depends on application whether you are paddle boarding or being pulled by a boat.If you are being towed behind a boat, the most popular lake in the great state of Utah is of course Lake Powell. One of the most popular places to take a vacation if you like the water. The is a destination to millions of people each year due to its warm water, spectacular scenery and canyons and luxury living in house boats. Another lake in Southern Utah many like is Sand Hollow Reservoir. This is not quite so far as Lake Powell with sandy beaches and warm water temps, but it is smaller. One of the next most popular lakes local to Salt Lake City is Jordanelle Reservoir. It is a fairly large reservoir, with a spacious boat ramp and nice camping facilities. This popular lake is often very crowded on the weekends and it is recommended to come early to the lake to get some wake boarding or wake surfing done while the water is calm. Not too far from Jordanelle is Deer Creek Reservoir. Another lake that is a decent size, but is known for being windy. It is common for most of these reservoirs to get windy in the middle of the day so get your sessions done in the morning, maybe pull a few tubes during the wind and waves in the afternoon and then top off your late afternoon/evening ride with another wake boarding and wake surfing session. Some other top lakes for boating are Utah Lake, Rockport, East Canyon, Bear Lake and Echo Reservoir.


It is no secret that Utah is known world wide for the snow and the resorts. Some of the local favorites are Brighton, Snowbird, Park City, the Canyons and even Snow Basin. Being a local in Salt Lake City is pretty sweet when all of these resorts are an hour's drive or less. If the snow is that good, then the gear better be able to withstand the cold temperatures and the terrain. Here is a highlight of some of the brands and gear from R7: Dakine | Nitro | Rome | Vonzipper | Spy Optics | Neff | Roxy | Quicksilver | DC | RPZN | PWDR Room | M3.

Man Snowboarding Down a Mountain


Snow Boards

You can buy just a snowboard or you can buy a board with cutting edge board technology and performance. Rome and Nitro are boards that won't disappoint. Check out Rome's line of cambers: Hybrid, Free, Freepop, Mountain pop, stay positive, No hang ups, powder and powder-s. Rome Snowboards also contains turbo rods that give the board more pop. You can also check out their tech for cores, strength, laminates and bases here.  You cannot go wrong between Nitro and Rome Snowboards. Come check them out in the Shop

Boots and Bindings

Nothing is worse than uncomfortable boots and ineffective Bindings or even worse bindings and boots get broken and can't handle the abuse taken from the crazy amount of shredding you do on the mountain. These boots are high quality and even higher performance from clicks, to ties, to boa's and pull laces. Options and performance is at your finger tips.

Snowboard Clothing

Being cold is no fun It is time to upgrade your outfit so you can stay cozy, warm, dry and stylish. Check out the latest technology and designs from top brands such as Roxy, Quicksilver, DC, Nitro, Dakine, RPZN, PWDR Room, Neff and Billabong in the shop.

Goggles and Accessories

R7 carries Vonzipper, Electric and Spy Optic Sunglasses and goggles as well as Neff Sunglasss. R7 also has the accessories you need like wax, scrapers, tools, stomp pads and more from Dakine!